September 1, 2012


Blue Moon Magic is on the horizon ...
Debi Wilder loves it By the Blue Moon….

First please tell everyone what genre you write and why you write it.

Thank you for having me here today.  I write adult entertainment, erotica, with elements of the paranormal in each story so far that may tend to get a bit on the wild side from time-to-time.  I really enjoy the freedom writing this genre in the aspects of a no holds barred; my imagination has no restriction on where it can take my characters or where my characters can take me in their fantasies.

Please tell us what works you have published and waiting to be released. Please include genre and approx word counts.

©    By the BlueMoon, Book 1 Blue Moon Magic Series, Loose-Id (ebook version), werewolf, September 2007, 25K

©    Gabby’sSecond Chance, Book 2 Lacey’s Lamp Series, MuseIt Hot Publishing, genie, February 2012, 4K

©    Blue MoonMagic Series, Muse It Hot Publishing (print version), 2012, 100K

          I’m co-authored the rewrite for HUMAN TOUCH with Honey Jans, who also wrote Book 2 in the Blue Moon Magic Series. It’s a story about the future, how the world is handling over-population and about cloning. We hope to have some good news very soon.  I also have in the works a story called CARNIVAL: THE GUARDIAN, which is a fallen angel shape-shifting erotica that I hope to have finished within the year. Honey is considering doing a follow up to this story as well.

          I also have a few on my back list that will be ready for rewrites and expansions, then hopefully a new home.

Tell us about your newest release.

The authors of the BLUE MOON MAGIC series are excited and patiently waiting for the four books to come out in one print volume for our readers from MuseIt Up Publishing.  Of course, the individual books are currently available in ebook versions from Loose-Id.

     In BY THE BLUE MOON, Book 1 of Blue Moon Magic, Chastity is finding that there isn't enough time in the day for sex...without or without a partner. Justin is more than happy to help her out, especially when her wolfen instincts are about to kick into high gear. There's a lot of howling through the night, and Chastity's not so sure she wants to be mated with Justin.

Finding a genie’s lamp was more than Gabby could wish for. Believing she doesn’t deserve to love again, Gabby Adams gets a second chance to find love and happiness with only one wish. GABBY’S SECOND CHANCE is the second in the Lacey’s Lamp series from Muse it Hot Publishing and came out in February 2012.

Is there anyone who really mentored or inspired you to keep writing until you were finally published?

          I would have to say the group of writers I kept around me were a great inspiration and a wonderful support system. We were all looking to get published at the same time, so there was a lot of support for everyone.

          I’ve since moved from that area and am involved with a great group of authors in the Oklahoma Outlaws organization (OKRWA). They keep me on my toes and accountable for my writing.

I see you’ve brought some guests with you today from BLUE MOON MAGIC…and a mighty sexy one at that. 

          LOL, oh yah.  Justin and Chastity just couldn’t let me come here without them tagging along. Besides how do you say no to a pair of werewolves? LOL

Justin, how did you ever get hooked up with a woman like Chastity?

          Justin: I really didn’t have a choice. She was promised to me the minute she was born. It’s the way of the wolfen clans to stay with tradition…

          Chastity: Don’t let him fool ya. He’s full of b.s. … if it wasn’t for Daddy he wouldn’t have had a job at Langford & Langford, and he wouldn’t have been assigned my babysitter!

Well, it sounds like the two of you have differences of opinion on that. I wonder, do you remember your first meeting?

          Chastity: I was, ah, in the middle of a very important assignment when my sister, Charity, told me Daddy wanted to see me in the board room right away. So I did what any self-respecting daughter would do…I pulled up my panties and hurried to see what he wanted.

          Justin:  Let me just say, if the scent of near orgasm could be bottled and sold, she would have had the market on it. I could smell her moments before she entered the room. And that darn little buzzing egg was still working her...

          Chastity:  Hey! You have no right …

          Justin: See how prickly she gets when that comes up? Good thing I took care of it when the meeting ended. You loved that elevator ride, didn't you Chas?

Hmm…my mind is playing overtime with that one. I think we should get back to Debi.

          Chastity:  Another pure human stealing my thunder. (Sigh)…oh well what’s a half-breed to do.  Go ahead, I’m sure she’ll be entertaining.

          Justin:  Now, now Chastity. Don’t get your fur ruffled. Ms. Wilder told our story after all and we owe it to her to continue with the interview.

Do you have a ritual when it comes to writing? Example….get coffee, blanket, paper, pen, laptop and a comfy place.

          Not really. It depends on my mood I guess. Sometimes I get a lot done by sitting in front of the tv with a movie as background noise. It all depends on what my muse is telling me and in what direction. She’s pretty sporadic as well.

What was the hardest part of writing your book?

          Writers block is the worst and I’ve experienced more times than I’d have wanted to. But, you just work your way through it and get back to business.

          Also, sometimes, my characters stop communicating with me (which was not the case with Chastity or Justin, they had a lot to say). It’s those times that I really struggle with getting something done or even finished, which is the case with CARNIVAL. Salene and Samuel are very slow at revealing their story to me, and it can be frustrating. So, I patiently wait until the next morsal of information comes my way.

Do your books have a common theme or are they all different?

          I love, love, love writing paranormal stories. There seems to be some sort of paranormal element in them, whether it be shape-shifting, spirits, magic…anything that isn’t “normal” can show up in my stories.

Where can the readers learn more about you and find your books on the web?

          I have a new blog and I love it!  So I hope my readers will stop by and say “Hello” to me.  You can find it by clicking here. 

          I’m also on Twitter @waMaxineDouglas (she’s my nice half).

          And then of course there’s the new and improved Facebook pages where you’ll find information for all my books. You can start by clicking here and then going to each of the pages under my “Likes”. Be sure to “Like” the individual pages, then click on “BookPulse” for more information on that particular book. The Blue Moon Magic page is here; I hope you come by and say "Hello."

          Of course, feel free to email me at any time—I’d love to hear from you!



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