June 16, 2012

Welcome the Soul Seducer, Alicia Dean!

Alicia Dean loves creating spine-chilling stories that keep readers on the edge of their seats. She's a huge Elvis Presley fan, and loves MLB and the NFL. If you look closely, you'll see a reference to one or all three in pretty much everything she writes. If she could, she would divide all her time between writing, watching her favorite television shows-such as Dexter, Vampire Diaries, Justified, and True Blood-and reading her favorite authors...Stephen King, Dennis Lehane, Michael Connelly, Lee Child, and Lisa Gardner to name a few.

It's good to have you back Alicia. Could you please start by telling us a little about yourself?
I write romantic suspense and paranormal romance. I’ve self-published, published through The Wild Rose, published through a traditional publisher, and I’m currently a launch author for Adams Media’s new romance line. I’m a proud member of The Oklahoma Romance Writers of America and Heartland Area Romance Authors. I have three grown kids. I live in Edmond, Oklahoma where I’m a legal assistant for a family law firm by day.
Please tell us your latest news!
I’m very excited about my latest release, Soul Seducer. It’s a paranormal romance that’s one of the launch books for Adams Media’s new Crimson Romance line.
How does your family feel about having a writer in the family? Do they read your books?
They’re very proud and supportive. Yes, they read my books. My sisters, my cousins, and my nieces read all the books I release. (Well, SOME of my cousins do. I have about a million, so not all of them read my stuff <g>)

What are your hobbies?

I love playing golf, although I haven’t in a long time. I love watching my favorite tv shows, major league baseball, and the NFL.

If you had to choose one person to have dinner with, who would it be? And why?

Stephen King. It would be scary yet exciting, and I would love the opportunity to learn from him, to pick his brain and hopefully, have some of his genius rub off on me.

What would be the best way for readers contact you? Do you have a website?

 Email – AliciamDean@aol.com / Website - http://www.aliciadean.com/
What type of book have you always wanted to write?
A bestseller. J
Do deadlines help or hinder your muse?
They help. No doubt. Tremendously. If I have a deadline, even if it’s just an upcoming critique meeting, I’m much more productive.
What was your first published work and when was it published?
My first published work was Nothing to Fear with The Wild Rose Press in 2007. I’ll be forever grateful to them for giving me my first opportunity. It’s the second book I wrote, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.
Is there anyone who really mentored or inspired you to keep writing until you were finally published? 

Definitely. Multi-published author, Mel Odom. I took a class with him in Sept, 2001, and that was when I began seriously pursuing publication. I completed my first novel while taking classes with him. He taught me so much about how to work hard to become a better writer and gave me the drive and encouragement to never give up. I consider him my mentor, but he doesn’t like that. It makes him feel old, and we’re the same age. J

She spent her entire life fighting death. Now she’s falling in love with him…

Audra Grayson became a nurse in order to help save lives. But one night after a brutal beating, she almost loses her own. The near-death experience opens a door between the world of the living and the world beyond. Two Grim Reapers invade her life. One is charming, with the angelic blonde looks of a saint and the black soul of a psychopath. The other is dark, dangerously attractive and, in spite of her distaste for his reaper duties, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him.

When Audra's patients begin to die unexpectedly and her loved ones are threatened, she will risk her life—even her soul—to save them. But can she risk her heart to an inhuman being whose very purpose is to take those she is trying to save?


Erin said...

I can't wait to read it! Looks like a great book.

TessaBerkley said...

Congratulations on your release.

Leah St. James said...

Great interview, Alicia! Do you watch golf on TV? If you do, you must be in heaven today with the US Open on TV all...day...long. (Can you tell I live with golfers?) :-)

Just downloaded SOUL SEDUCER for my Kindle and can't wait to read it!

Diane Burton said...

From one fellow baseball lover to another: hi, Alicia!

All the best on your latest release.

Natasha Deen said...

Soul Seducer is creepy good! Great interview, thanks for the questions & the answers.

teresa said...

Great interview and nice to learn more about Soul Seducer. I love EP too and always listen to him in the car. Best wishes!

Alicia Dean said...

Thank you for all the nice comments, ladies. For those of you reading or planning to read Soul Seducer, I hope you enjoy. Feel free to let me know, even if you didn't. :-)

Leah - I do not like to watch golf on tv. I find that rather boring, but I love to play.

Diane and Teresa, nice to meet fellow EP and baseball lovers. :-)

Natasha, thank you for the compliment. I know creepy isn't your thing, so I especially appreciate your support.

Hi Tessa and Erin - thanks for stopping by.

Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone!

D'Ann said...

Hi, I lvoe Justified, too! Your book looks great! Very spooky stuff!

Lynn Cahoon said...

Creepy good. Love that. Looking forward to reading.

Irene Preston said...

I love that your characters are Grim Reapers - can't wait to read!

Alicia Dean said...

Hi D'Ann...isn't Justified awesome? Isn't Raylan sooooo hot????

Lynn, creepy good does make it sound intriguing, huh? I hope you find it both if you decide to read it.

Irene...I'm glad you like the concept. It was fun making both my hero and villain Grim Reapers. I wanted something a little different. Hope I succeeded.

I appreciate all of you stopping by!

Kwana said...

Wonderful interview. Congrats!

Callie Hutton said...

Good interview, ladies. Best of luck with Soul Seducer, Alicia.

Alicia Dean said...

Thank you so much, Kwana and Callie....I appreciate you stopping by!

Diana Layne said...

Hi, Alicia! Late stopping by, I was gone almost all day yesterday! As always enjoy your blog posts! Hope Soul Seducer takes off for you and hits those bestseller lists!

IC Enger said...

Interesting interview Alicia, I had a shiver when you said you'd like to have dinner with Stephen King. Then, after dinner, you'd walk out in the dark to your car, unlock it and get behind the wheel, look into the rearview mirror and ... OMG. Good luck with your book, I can't wait to read it.

Alicia Dean said...

Hi Diana...I'm late replying, so no worries. Thanks so much for stopping by!

LOL, IC. Yes...that's exactly what I'm thinking. How cool would it be to go out into the dark scary night after dinner with Stephen King? Oh...did I mention I'm a little twisted. :-) Thanks for stopping by!