April 14, 2012

Today’s guest is Ashley Christman of Entranced Publishing.

Welcome! Please tell us your latest news!

Who is Entranced Publishing and what do you do? Entranced Publishing is a romance, YA, and erotica eBook publisher based out of Minneapolis, MN. We’re composed of a talented team, most of our staff has several years of experience in the ePublishing, marketing, editing and graphic design.

What genres are currently open for submissions?    We are only accepting romance (novellas and novels; all subgenres), erotica (novellas and novels; all subgenres), and YA (novels only; all subgenres).

Are there any subjects or plots that you won't accept?          We are pretty accepting of everything, but we are not interested in rape for titillation, incest, pedophilia, and things with an ick factor.

Do you accept multiple submissions?            We do, provided they are clearly labeled and in individual files (do not submit a zip file with multiple submissions). In the case of series, we actually prefer it if all manuscripts that are completed in the series are available for submission upon request.

How does an author submitted to Entranced Publishing?   If an author is interested in submitting, we advise them to check out the submissions guidelines on our site and email. Our editors have also posted what they are particularly keen for at the moment so an author can address a submission to an individual editor, but it still must go through the main submissions address.

How long until you respond to a query?       Currently our turnaround time is 12 to 16 weeks, due to the fact that we request the full manuscript at the time of submission.

Do you charge fees to authors to be published?         Of course not. Money flows to the writer, not from. We make our money from our portion of the royalties from book sales.  

How often do you pay royalty?          We pay royalties once per quarter.

What do you offer authors?   We offer our authors 40% royalties on list price. We also have a marketing budget and marketing director who will contact the author upon contract signing to formulate a plan to market both the author and the book. For new authors this is beneficial because it helps them build a platform and learn how to market themselves and their work. This is also beneficial to established authors because it gives them a chance to learn something new and enter new markets they maybe haven’t thought about before.

In addition to marketing help, we believe that one of the best ways to generate buzz is to garner advanced reviews. This is helpful because sometimes authors don’t know how to approach reviewers, but one of the best ways to get your book noticed is to put it in the hands of readers that other people read.

Do you provide review copies?           We will provide the author with review copies, however, we also submit to review sites and will provide the author with a list of sites that we submit to in order to prevent double submissions to the same site.

Why should an author publish with you?     We understand that if an author’s book doesn’t succeed, we don’t succeed, so every step of our processes have to do with making sure we release quality eBooks and help authors get their names out there, build a base, and ultimately sell books.

How does an author contact you?     We advise that an author visit the contact section of our website to determine which person is the best to answer their question.

Do you have any advice on editing? Have a beta reader or critique partner look over your manuscript. They’ll help you polish your work and smooth out any kinks or major problems before an editor reads it.

Do you publish books set in places outside the US and Canada?    Yes. If its exotic and well-drawn, per say, then we are happy to consider it. We want readers to be entranced with what their reading and lost in an alternate world.

Do you accept unagented submissions?        Absolutely.

Will there be a charged to publish a book with Entranced Publishing?      We are not a vanity press. No fees will ever be charged to authors.

For more information on Entrance Publishing click here for Website / Blog

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